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South Sudan


Registrable trademarks in South Sudan

In South Sudan, a registrable trademark is any visible sign used or proposed to be used upon, in connection with or in relation to goods for the purpose of distinguishing the goods of a person from those of others. Provided it is not inadmissible, a trade mark may consist of any distinctive sign, including a ward, name, pseudonym device, brand arbitrary or fanciful designation, heading, label, ticket, signature, letter, numeral, slogan package, emblem container or any combination thereof.

Requirement for the registration of a trademark in South Sudan

  • The complete name and address of the applicant and, if the applicant is outside the country, his application must be lodged through an approved agent
  • If the application is filed through an agent, other than a member of the Sudanese Bar, it shall be accompanied by a power of attorney signed by the applicant
  • Certificate of incorporation, certificate of partnership registration, extract from an official commercial register, or such other document as shall satisfy the Registrar.

Duration of trademarks registration in South Sudan

The period of duration of the registration of a trade mark is ten years from the date of registration. At any time within six months before the expiration of such term or any subsequent term of ten years, the registration may be renewed upon the filing of an application therefore in the prescribed form and upon payment of the prescribed fee.

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