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Trademarks subject matter in Rwanda

  • all forms of denominations including words, proper names, letters, figures and acronyms;
  • figurative elements such as designs, relief, product forms or the relevant packaging;
  • colors or combinations of colors;
  • any combination of aforementioned signs

Conditions for trademark registration in Rwanda

A mark can be validly registered only if:

  • it is distinctive;
  • it is not confusing;
  • it is not misleading or deceptive;
  • it is not descriptive.

Requirements for trademark filing in Rwanda

  • a request for registration of the mark;
  • a reproduction of the mark;
  • a list of products or services for which registration of the mark is requested, listed in the order of the relevant class or classes of the International Classification.
  • a simply signed Power of Attorney (if applicable).


Term of a trademark registration in Rwanda

The duration of validity of the registration of a mark is 10 years from the filing date of the application for registration. On request, the registration of a mark may be indefinitely renewed for consecutive periods of ten years each, subject to payment by the owner of the prescribed renewal fee.

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